July 15, 2011

i love dis guy..

From the day that I met you,boy  
I knew that your love would be

 Everything that I ever wanted in my life
From the moment you spoke my name
I knew everything had changed
Because of you I felt my life would be complete

Oh baby, I need you

For the rest of my life, boy
I need you 
To make everything right, boy
I love you
And I’ll never deny that I need you
Nothing matters but you, my love

And only God above would be the one To know exactly how I feel 
I could die in your arms right nowKnowing that you somehow
Would take my soul and keep itDeep inside your heart

boy, your love to me feels just like magic

When you smile you have total control
You have power like nothing I felt beforeI ‘ve let all of my feelings show
Cause I want you to knowThat I need you
I need youFor the rest of my life,boy

I need youSay that you’ll be my hubby
Oh, I love youWon’t you marry me, marry me
I need you
Oh, I need youFor the rest of my life

Oh, I need youWon’t you marry me, marry me
I love you I really need you, babyI need you boy, 
I really need, I need youboy, I really need, I need youNeed you, baby
Oh, babyI love you
boy I really need you, need you Babe, 

oh baby Won’t you marry meWon’t you marry me, marry meI love youOh, I need you
##sorry marc antony sbb i’d change the ‘Girl’ lyrics part to Boy.bcoz i’m really means it to my this boy. only one  boy ;)

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